Learning to Learn by Teaching

Grudtvig project 2012-2014

RO (Targoviste) – BE


Video subject

Combined partner

Colegiul Economic „Ion Ghica” Targoviste


Food and drink in Belgium

Limburg Catholic University Collegebelgium_people_icon_256




Prepare a transcript of the videos in order to start the discussions Watch the videos and try to identify the belgian products which are promoted by them. Disscuss and explain the the importance of the products for Belgium and UE economy. ListeningReading


Play the video in short bursts so learners can use prediction skills. Make a facebook group to connect the Belgium team in order to help you to find out more information about the suggested products. Research and Team work
Present the google docs platform to the students and its benefits Create a form in English, on google docs, with questions that can be applied to your classmate in order to find out what they know about Belgian food and drinks. Cooperate with your Enghlish teacher of your colleagues, which have proficient English skills. Analyse of learning needsPracticing ITC skills.
Invite learners to use language for describing processes. Use the results of the previous survey in order to create short presentations in prezi.com to extend the knowledges about the products presented by the video (the history of beer – who invented, which were the economical and historical influences to reach good products – the importance of human resources as well as the material and financial resources s.o) in English. Writing an assessement report.Research

Creating prezi presentations.

Public speaking.

Practicing ITC skills.

Present Amara platform to the students and ask them to work in group in order to translate the videos in Romanian Translate the video in Romanian using Amara platform following the steps:-        Check the translation using Tesaurus in word document;-        Use the facebook group to discuss your colleagues and review tha individual translation in order to improve the content;-        Ask an expert (English teacher) to correct the document. Practice translation based upon trial and error.Teamwork.

Practicing ITC skills.

Invite learners to create a list with criteria for assess the videos. Discussions on how the videos were made. Creating a spreadsheet with criteria to assess the videos (pedagogical, aesthetic, technical perspective) and the impact on students. Writing. Speaking.Listening (using grammar and vocabulary
Present the glogster platform – using youtube tutorials in English, for making online posters and invite students to translate the tutorials and practice the technology Create using glogster, a poster in order to promote Belgium food and drinks. Write the recipe – waffles. Presentation skills
Invite learners to use their smartphones to record a video on cooking waffles. Record a video (using the smartphone) preparing a traditional belgium speciality. Explain all the steps and recipe. Using modern technology.Practicing English language.

Explain a process

Invite learners to create a google map. Search on google relevant pictures (cc) and create a google map showing the important location for producing Belgium specialities (food and drinks). Research.Practicing ITC skills

Presentation skills


Propose a funny activity – Romanians got talent (explain the task). Create a hip hop song starting from the videos that you have seen in order to present it to the colleagues. Have fun and be happy. Team workCooperation

Self confidence

Joy of learning.


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