Learning to Learn by Teaching

Grudtvig project 2012-2014

BE – IT (Maglie)


Combined partner

Video subject

Limburg Catholic University College


Centro Territoriale Permanente di Maglie


Traditions in Salento – Italy




Animate listen


Salento? You will be welcoming a new student in your class. You don’t know much about her. Actually the only thing you know is that she is Italian, from the region of Salento. As a class you want to make her feel welcome in your group. And you have decided to do this by getting to know more about the traditions of Salento.



linking to Popplet lite, or total recall or simple mind+

To start you compare your ideas about your holidays in or films, songs, books of Italy. Create a Mindmap. This conversation is held in English as you have a rather passive knowledge of Italian and you want to simulate  your conversation with the newcomer converse
promote culture Scanning for information (15’) (homework)

Skim through the information and create a mindmap highlighting some ideas which seem to be very typical of Salento ( Popplet lite, or total recall or simple mind+).

Further reading (10’)

Manage knowledge Watch the video in youtube (20’)


Google for more information if you think this is necessary

manage creative thinking Define keywords (20’) (homework)

Subdivide the group in four teams. Each team chooses one text.

Which words do you need to know to be able to understand  the gist of the texts?

Collect ten words. Look up their definition in visual.merriam-webster.com. Google some pictures. Copy the definitions. Select three definitions for words which mean the same or which visual.merriam links to the initial word. Copy these three alternative definitions as well

Go to Quizcast. Create ten multiple choice questions adding the right answer and the three wrong answers which you have copied out of visual.merriam-webster.com .

Invite your colleagues from the other teams to take the test.

acquire  vocabulary


use of dictionary


write + spelling



What do I see?  (30’)(homework)

Watch the video again

Guess  what is happening and write tweets about every topic

Each team selects two topics:

  • Carnival and its allegorical floats(0 till 1:53)
  • The rituals for Good Friday (1:53 till 3:34)
  • Songs (3:44-4:49)
  • Lights (4:49-5:43)
  • Fairs and local produce ( 5:43- 6:20)
  • Dance (5:20- 6:10)
  • Tavolate di San Giuseppe and a charity meal (6:10 till 8:26)
  • La notte della taranta (8:26-

These tweets are reformulated as questions and added to the original youtube film (Voicethread  or IMovie)







improve grammar

manage creative thinking instruct My country (50’) (homework)

Each team selects one topic of the above and prepares a story introducing a tradition Introduction of “used to” and past tense (screenchomp or toontastic)

write and speak

improve grammar grammar

manage creative thinking A welcoming recipe (50’)

The students design ‘cards” with the names of the dishes and beverages and ‘name cards’ with short personal introductions so they can ask the newcomer to tag both produce and people. (fotobabble).

While they are enjoying our local food they present the Salento video with their tweets and ask for feedback. Finally they show their own clips and compare. If all is well they can take a photograph of the new group, invent a new group name and rearrange the whole narrative using Prezi. If this story reflects how they have learnt by teaching they get full marks.







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