Learning to Learn by Teaching

Grudtvig project 2012-2014

British food and drinks – PRAXIS

    • Video name: PRAXIS – Food and drink in the UK
      Video link: http://www.amara.org/it/videos/cgChaVd0NPrC/info/praxis-british-food-_-drink/

      Category: Food and drinks

      Theme: The video is conceived as a series of short interventions on the side of international people on the subject (either giving information or their opinions) + slides on typical food and drink in the form of true/false questions.

      The story of the sandwich in True/False form.
      Spanish girl describng the object and giving her opinion.
      Malaysian girl talking about English breakfast and reacting to it.
      The story of beer.
      Woman from Worcestershire desscribing a typical British dish.
      The story of tea.
      Chinese girl talking about fish and chips.
      The story of fish and chips.
      Bulgarian girl on her favourite British food and drink.
      More questions on tea.
      Elizabeth talking about Midlands food.
      Questions about coffee.
      Argentinian man expressing his favourites among British foods.
      About Scottish haggis.
      Australian restaurant manager on British seafood.
      Bubble and squeak.
      Manager of a traditional British pub.
      The “bangers”.

      Supporting vocabulary

      Difficulty: Intermediate (B)

      Function: Informative texts (curiosities).
      Conversational English with colourful expressions on the side of the non-native speakers and idioms and indirect forms.
      Very useful for all linguistic levels.


    • Tasks/Skills: Activities as a follow-up:
      Further research on food and drinks (supply the visual which are not there)
      conversation on personal experiences In Britain or on food prepared by hard work on vocabulary and phraseology (scaffolding support and strategies)
      build similar material on other countries’ habits.

Attachment: docx.gif BRITISH FOOD & DRINK ANSWERS

Attachment: docx.gif FOOD & DRINK LISTENING COMP QS


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