Learning to Learn by Teaching

Grudtvig project 2012-2014

Liqor de Singeverva

Video name: PORTUGAL – Licor de Singeverga
Video link:  

Category: Food and drinks

Theme: The video is composed of a film taken from the internet on the industrial procedure + an interview produced and filmed by students who are proficient under the technical viewpoint.

The interview is in Portuguese subtitled in English but in the English the students could produce. As an activity the teacher has produced an exercise to correct and rewrite in more standard English.

Supporting grammar

Difficulty: Elementary (A)

Function: Informative text type.

Tasks/Skills: The suggestion is correcting the interview text during the meeting in Portugal (particularly comparing Google translator with actual translation) and replacement of the subtitles.
This may be followed by later reenactment (role-play) of the interview with the correct text.
Writing a text with the history of the drink (for revision of tenses of the past) and an objective report on the procedures to produce the drink (for acquisition of passive form).

Further suggestions to improve the video: cut on the first part, introduce slides or anyway a written text with ingredients and the production process, check if it possible to accompany at least the interview with traditional portuguese music.


Attachment: pdf.gif Singeverga_-_entrevista.pdf


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