Learning to Learn by Teaching

Grudtvig project 2012-2014

Portuguese Grundtvig Journal

Journal Grundtvig

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Grundtvig Project (2012-2014)
Learning to learn by teaching

Journal Grundtvig

We, the Portuguese partner, started a Grundtvig Journal in Escola Secundária Tomaz Pelayo – Portugal in order to explain the project, its aim and its European added value.
Nº 1

In the second Grundtvig Journal we informed the school about the first meeting in Maglie, Italy. We described the host school and we offered our help to make contacts for future projects.
Nº 2

In this journal we write about the first project meeting. We focus on how nice everybody was and on how welcomed we were, on the effort to disseminate the project (schools and political
institutions) and the cultural activities prepared by the host school. We also refer to the workshops / presentations and to the mobilities planned for this school year, Latvia and Romenia.
We finish this journal with a free translation of a small part of a poem by Marino Moretti.
Nº 3

Local Newspaper

News about the first meeting in Maglie, Italy.
Jornal Santo Thyrso – 12 Out 2012


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