Learning to Learn by Teaching

Grudtvig project 2012-2014

Eten conference – Belgium

Name of the TIG
 Educational Technology 
 Name(s) of the presenter(s)   Huion Patricia, Cajot Guido 
 Institution   LCUC/KHLim 
 Country   Belgium 
 E-mail address of presenter(s)   Patricia.Huion@khlim.be Guido.Cajot@khlim.be


 Draft title of presentation   Behind the Subject: Devising a Digital Media Enhanced English Course for Adults 
 Abstract (up to 300 words)   The Grundtvig project -Learning to Learn by Teaching. – addresses two questions: how can adults improve their language skills by becoming their own teachers and how can their digital literacy facilitate this change? The final outcome of this two year journey is a roadmap discussing didactics fostering these mindshifts. In this paper we narrow down our focus to the importance of digital media. Teachers from Italy, Latvia, UK, Belgium, Romania and Portugal meet in a moodle platform whereas students converse in a blog. In Belgium teacher and students also communicate in a private facebook group. All students create knowledge clips about music or dance, local tradition and food. The Belgian students are the only ones attending a teacher-training course. That is why they play a pivotal role.designing a concept of a digital media- driven English course.

 Starting from the national curriculum we draw two circles: one depicting learning activities linked to old technologies such as pen, paper and book, and one selecting those that could be linked to digital media.

 Next we categorize our facebook and blog posts following the skills that define the digital competence ” the use of computers to retrieve, assess, store, produce,present and exchange information, and to communicate and participate in collaborative networks via the Internet”( European Parlement & European Council, 2006).

 Finally, we use both sets of data to draft up a text in Delphi-rounds envisioning how digital media activate English students.

 Erixon P., Marner A., Scheid M., Strandberg T.& Ortegren H.(2012) Paradigms and Teaching Practice in the Screen Culture: art, music and the mother tongue (Swedish) under pressure, European Educational Research Journal, 11 (2), 255-273.

 European Parliament & European Council (2006) Recommendation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2006 on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning, Official Journal of the EuropeanUnion, 30 December, L 394/10-18.


 Form of presentation (workshop, performance, interactive seminar, discussion, presentation of paper, poster or other forms)   We show some knowledge clips, excerpts from blog, facebook and moodle fora to initiate an interactive workshop discussing the concept . 
 Duration of presentation (max. 30 minutes)   30 minutes 
 Resources required (size of performance, laptop, beamer, CD player, ..)   Laptop, beamer and old technology. 


Please return to TIG leader by 1st of December at the latest. Confirmations will be made swiftly.



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