Learning to Learn by Teaching

Grudtvig project 2012-2014

About the project

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This project aim to enlarge the European vision of culture exchanging materials on traditions, food, art, proverbs, music, traditional dances. We will collect materials in order to teach also a second language. We want to explore innovative methods of teaching, find out criticism and positive aspects in approaching adults when teaching a second language. We would like to use original and authentic materials from different countries because it’s the easiest way to learn a new language and so to create a partnership. In doing this, teachers will also exploit their methods, and the advantages and disadvantages of some approaches. Students can learn new traditions practising second language, even in mobility. The result could be also a practical guide for those who don’t know anything about the other language and  tradition, and at the same time a digital guide . At the same time internet will provide new ICT learning opportunities for all partners institutions and people involved in the project, as it will work through a Moodle platform, developed in all partners website. All material will be produced in English.


The partnership with geographical balance includes old and new members of the EU. The aims of this partnership are: for teachers: to learn to teach to adults a second language using webtools, ICT, LCMS and working on transnational cooperation; for students: to learn a language together with tradition and culture using new technologies in co-operative transnational and multicultural perspective; for both teachers and students: reduce digital divide and develop transnational- transgenerational co-operation; reduce distances among countries. During the mobilities, teachers will exchange experiences through presentations, about the effectiveness of the themes and methods used, the language results, the face to face training, trouble shooting … Students will create original materials about their own culture and tradition. At the same time teachers will exchange lesson plans and reflections on the way the students reacted and improved their language. The teachers will exchange all the materials produced using a Moodle platform. We will use cooperative learning approach, formal-informal learning, self-study technique, peer or tutorial education.